About Us


Our Company

Daily and Business Computing, Inc. (DABCI) has been in business since 2000 offering a wide variety of services and support for small business and home users. DABCI was founded in 2000 by our owner and president, Dave Bruess, to help his wife who works in the dental speciality field and friends with their business and home computing needs.


Our Approach

We offer personal service built on a professional foundation that brings nearly twenty years of experience to address your technology needs. We have an established network of resources that allows us to provide a wide array of services that will help and support you in your business and home. We bring the technical skills and support with a personal touch for you and your staff which allows you to concentrate and focus on growing your business. 


Our founder and owner

Our founder and owner, Dave Bruess, started DABCI in 2000 as a business supporting family and friends in their homes and businesses. His early career was spent working with churches and police departments where, among his other duties, he worked to integrate technology and its’ benefits with the organization’s mission. Later, he has spent nearly two decades working for two of Minnesota’s top 500 nonprofits as their IT Director. While working for these companies, Dave lead multiple initiatives, projects, programs and staff expansions to help launch and improve technology as an important tool for the fulfillment of their missions. He has also worked on projects with the University of Minnesota, the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, E-Rate funding projects for high schools and several grant based projects for bringing needed services to constituents and communities throughout Minnesota. He has lead the technology portion for numerous construction projects and remodels for nonprofit organizations and for profit businesses. Dave also enjoys spending time with his wife and sons and taking on home improvement projects.